Welcome to THE SHIFT!! Dragonfly Centre’s new BLOG!! (2 min read)

Let me preface this with a few things:

  1. Our aim is for this blog to be informative and educational.  It should not replace any counselling or medical advice.  The hope is that you may learn some things and know that Dragonfly Centre is here if you have any questions.
  2. Sexual violence is a serious topic.  In no way is anything discussed in the blog meant to imply anything but support, belief and non-judgement regarding sexual violence.
  3. Healthy sexuality is important.  By knowing what healthy sexuality is, you will also be better able to recognize what is not healthy, and know how/where you can get support.
  4. If anything discussed causes any discomfort because of past experiences, feel free to stop reading and/or reach out to Dragonfly Centre for assistance (780-812-3174).


Did you know it takes approximately 7 years to make a Social Shift?

For most adults in North America, we can remember a time when sexual violence was something that wasn’t talked about regularly.  It happened, absolutely.  But there were always questions about it… “What was she wearing?” “Why did she go there?”  “Did she lead him on?”  Looking back, I realize these were, at the very least, inappropriate questions.  In reality they were cruel, blaming questions that made it almost impossible for someone to want to disclose that they had experience sexualized violence.

Then things started to show up in the news that forced society to look deeper into our beliefs about sexual violence.  Over 80 women charged movie mogul Harvey Weinstein with sexual assault in 2017.  These cases catapulted the #MeToo Movement into a worldwide phenomenon.  In January 2018, over 100 women testified against former U.S National Gymnastics Team doctor, Larry Nassar.  Dozens of women came forward about their experiences with music producer R. Kelly in 2019.  The list goes on.  Women started to see, and truly know, they weren’t alone.

But what Social Shift am I talking about exactly?  The Shift from “Prove it.  Prove you were assaulted through no fault of your own.” to “I believe you.  Let me help you on your healing journey.”

That is what this blog is about: Making a Social Shift. Sexual violence is a huge topic with complicated layers.  It is entwined with mental health, social institutions, individual beliefs and values, and social reactions.  The Shift is happening.  People are changing.  But we need more.  People need to be given accurate information and facts and tangible ways of being part of that Shift.  Through this blog, we hope that we can challenge you to think about some of your beliefs, recognize you have a powerful role to play, and learn that together we can make a difference.  We can create a world where sexual violence is no more, or at the very least, where survivors are believed and supported.

Each blog will focus on a different topic: consent, digital parenting, healthy relationships, sexual harassment, 2SLGTBQ+, and so much more.  The goal is to increase our understanding of each topic and give us tools and strategies to destigmatize the topic.

My hope is it becomes interactive- tell me what you think.  What do you want to learn more about?  What questions do you have?  Do you have a thought or idea or experience you would like to share?  Please email me at and help me make this blog be helpful, informative, and be a part of The Shift!

Until next time… Let’s Keep Making The Shift!!