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These programs provide parents and caregivers with the information and strategies for communication with children and youth at different developmental stages to encourage healthy relationships, online safety, and sexual violence prevention. This includes gaining knowledge on the cycle of abuse, consent, boundaries, the online world, and even pornography. Dragonfly’s goal is for every caregiver or parent to be a trusted, knowledgeable, and resourced adult for the children and youth in their lives.

Birds N’ The Bees With Dragonfly

(2 hours per session) 

This 5 part program was meant to give caregivers the information to make decisions and have important conversations with their children. Issues addressed include why you should talk to your child about sexual abuse, how to promote healthy relationships, how to understand what a child’s sexual development can look like, how to give easy answers to tough questions; and where to find more information and support. These workshops will have caregivers feeling better prepared to respond to children’s questions and be more comfortable on topics like relationships and sexual health.

This 5 part program can be facilitated in its entirety; over multiple weeks; or as individual parts.  


1. What is Sexuality  

2. Healthy Sexual Development  

3. How to Talk about Sexual Health & Wellbeing  

4. How to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Abuse  

5. How to Promote Healthy Relationships  

Online Child Sexual Exploitation: What Caregivers Should Know

(2 hours per session) 

The online world can be overwhelming, especially to caregivers that may not be as experienced. This program is meant to increase caregivers knowledge of online risks, how to facilitate conversations with your child about digital safety, and what they need to know. 

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