Although 96% of Canadians believe all sexual activity should be consensual, only 28% understand what it means to give or get consent (Canadian Women Foundation, 2018). This was a decrease from 2015 where 33% said they understood consent. That means that as Canadian’s we are declining in our knowledge about consent. We have been spreading awareness surrounding consent with the acronym FRIES. Consent should be:

Freely GivenThere needs to be true genuine choice for both parties. There can be no pressure, threats, manipulation, harassment, or guilt. Both parties need to be sober and in the correct state of mind. 

RevocableEither party can take back their consent at any time. It doesn’t matter if they promised their consent, already gave their consent, or have given consent multiple times before. Everyone has the right to change their mind 

InformedInformed consent requires 3 criteria: Disclosure of all information (See Specific) Be of competent sound, mind and body Voluntary Nature (See Freely Given) 

EnthusiasticConsent needs to be mutually enthusiastic and/or engaged. Meaning it’s more than just voluntary – both parties are excited about the agreement, and they aren’t just doing it because they think that they are expected to or required to do so. 

SpecificWhen having conversations about consent both parties have to agree on specifically what they consent to or against. This includes aspect of what people are involved, the time of the involvement, any details that they agree to. 

Now that you have a better understanding of consent, take a moment and complete a consent quiz.


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