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We believe that prevention through education is key!

We offer information and presentations to individuals, early childhood development programs, schools, home school groups, parent groups, community groups, and organizations.

Call us to discuss how we can meet your educational needs.

Child & Youth Presentations

We believe that it is important to educate children on child sexual abuse just as they receive other safety information about other areas of concerns (i.e. fire safety; staying home alone safety, pool safety etc.).  Our child and youth presentations ensure that children/youth have the knowledge and tools to recognize abuse and tell an adult if something were to happen to them.

Our child and youth presentations are aligned with the Alberta Wellness Education Framework. Our programs teach children and youth effective personal safety strategies in a fun, age-appropriate and interactive way that builds resiliency skills and reduces their likelihood of victimization in the online and offline world. Topics include body awareness, healthy friendships, healthy relationships, safe and responsible use of technology, and knowing when to seek help.

We do charge a cost recovery and travel fee for our presentations. That being said it is important to us to share these presentations with the children/youth in our communities and we are willing to accommodate any budget. Please call our Education Coordinator to discuss details.

Who Do You Tell

Kindergarten – G4
~ 45 min
+ travel mileage

This presentation explores the following:

  • emotions
  • body awareness/private parts
  • okay vs not okay touches
  • identify 5 safe adults
  • keep versus speak secrets
  • what to do if they are in an unsafe situation
  • how to tell an adult they need help
Healthy Friendships

Grades 5-8
~50 minutes
+ travel mileage

This presentation discusses:

  • healthy friendships (what it is and isn’t)
  • signs of healthy vs unhealthy
  • boundary setting
  • consent
  • coercion
  • being a good friend online (cyber-bullying)
  • respect yourself
  • how to get help
Digital Safety

Grades 5-12
~50 minutes
+ travel mileage

A session optimized to address the merging of online and offline life. Includes information on:

  • online boundaries and online consent
  • non-consensual sharing
  • sexting and the laws
  • online grooming
  • sextortion, impacts and laws
  • online safety
  • how to get help
Healthy Relationships

Grades 9-12
~50 minutes
+ travel mileage

This session will discuss:

  • characteristics of healthy relationships versus unhealthy
  • definitions of abuse
  • cycle of abuse in relationships
  • love versus control
  • consent and the law
  • teen dating violence (intimate partner violence)
  • risky behaviour
  • intuition and boundaries
  • self respect / respecting decisions of others
  • supporting a friend in an unhealthy relationship
  • how to get help
College Edition

Grade 9 – Post-Secondary
~50 minutes
$60.00 per session
+ travel mileage

In this session we will talk about consent and coercion, sexual violence (sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment). We will discuss definitions, prevalence rates, impacts, true prevention, what to do if you have experienced sexual violence and how to respond effectively to disclosures of sexual violence.

Restorative Justice Programs For Classrooms

Kindergarten – G.12
~50 minutes
$60.00 per session
+ travel mileage

There are a number of positive benefits to incorporating restorative justice in schools and classrooms.

The goals of the program are to:

  • nurture healthy relationships among and between students and adults, including parents and/or guardians;
  • increase meaningful communication;
  • reduce the number of disruptive friction and transform the ways we see conflict
  • Our restorative circles can address specific issues that have arisen or take an overall preventative approach.

Workshops & Professional Training

The Centre offers workshops and professional presentations to community groups and organizations.   Sessions may be customized to meet the needs of the group and/or organization.

Some of our popular presentations include:

  • Overview of Agency
  • Sexual Harassment / Sexual Assault / Child Sexual Abuse
  • Promoting healthy sexuality in children and youth (parent/caregiver session)
  • Digital Safety – What parent/guardians need to know
  • First Responder Training
  • Emergency Enhanced Sexual Assault Services – professional trainings for medical professionals
  • Customized presentations and workshops are available

Community Organizations/Workplace

Dragonfly Centre Services Overview

Dragonfly Centre Services Overview
30 minutes
Free of Charge
+ travel mileage

Participants will be provided with an overview of sexual violence definitions, prevalence rates, common myths and facts, as well as information about our agency services and programs and how to access them.

Promoting Healthy Sexuality In Children & Youth

Promoting Healthy Sexuality in Children & Youth
For Parent/Caregivers
$120 per session
+ travel mileage

Healthy sexuality – it’s easier than you think! We will discuss how to promote healthy sexuality with children/youth starting from birth – age 18. This session will provide definitions, statistics and useful strategies on how to pass along sexual health information to your child/teen.

Digital Parenting

Digital Parenting
$120 per session
+ travel mileage

Our children are the first generation to have had their entire life documented on line. We are the first generation of parents to manage the pros and cons with an increasingly merging online and offline world. We will discuss how to talk to children to reduce risky online behaviour, and highlight definitions and laws surrounding the digital world.

Child Sexual Abuse & Responding To Disclosures
Child Sexual Abuse & Responding to Disclosures
2-3 Hours
Fee – Contact the office to discuss
+ travel mileage

Participants will increase their understanding on issues related to child sexual abuse. They will learn the definitions, prevalence rates, common myths and core facts about child sexual abuse. Participants will develop an understanding of the impacts of child sexual abuse and learn how to respond to a disclosure in a positive and supportive manner.

Sexual Harassment & Prevention

Sexual Harassment & Prevention
2-3 hours
Fee – Contact the office to discuss
+ travel mileage

This presentation is ideal for workplaces. It addresses issues related to sexual harassment, defines sexual harassment, provides prevalence rates, highlights what to do if you experience sexual harassment and/or if you receive a disclosure of sexual harassment.

Sexual Assault & Responding To Disclosures

Sexual Assault & Responding to Disclosures
2 – 3 Hours
Fee – contact office to discuss
+ travel mileage

This workshop will increase participant knowledge of sexual assault – explore definitions, laws, short-term/long term impacts, prevalence rates, myths and facts and true prevention. Participants will learn the importance of the first disclosure and learn how to respond to a disclosure in a positive and supportive manner.

First Responder Training For Sexual Violence

First Responder Training for Sexual Violence
Offered virtually at this time.
$250 per person
+ travel mileage

We work closely with Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) to offer this program. Intended to build capacity of professionals and paraprofessionals and community members to assess and respond effectively to disclosures of sexual violence.

Information Booths & Events

Dragonfly Centre travels to various trade shows, fairs, community activities and events to raise awareness on the many issues surrounding sexual assault and to inform the community about our programs and services.

Our displays and booths are both informative and interactive; providing promotional materials, activities for children and more. All displays may be tailored to the audience and venue.

How to Book a Presentation

Please call the main office 780-812-3174, TF: 1-866-300-HEAL (4325), or complete the form below to book your school/organization presentation.

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